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Make A Good Impression



Parents if you are concerned about the decline in socialization, respect and responsibility in our younger generation, now there is help! To correct this problem we need to start teaching all kids social skills early. 

At S.K.Y. LLC, this is NOT your parents etiquette class, the content is geared toward life today. The conversational style keeps the students involved - games, activities and exercises are incorporated into the courses so they stay engaged and retain the information. I try to make learning social skills and respect for others fun and exciting.


Youth learn necessary social skills, table manners, effective communication skills with a strong focus on respect and value for others, integrity and putting people at ease.









Due to COVID-19 All Sessions are Virtual via Zoom


􀂘 Children, Teen and Adult Sessions

􀂘 Mommy and Me
􀂘 Fun, warm, kind instruction
􀂘 Parents and teachers are always welcome to participate!
􀂘 Quick pace to keep children engaged
􀂘 Conversational style involves children in discussion
􀂘 Proper table manners instruction and MUCH MORE!
􀂘 Emphasis on respect, value for others and integrity
􀂘 Classes filled with games and activities geared toward topics

􀂘 Take full course and cover all topics

􀂘 Customize the program to address specific topics you want to cover

􀂘 Lots of laughter!





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"Ms. Johnson had a welcomed message for my students: believe in yourself, show respect, and set goals. She engaged my students with role playing and games. I will definitely invite "S.K.Y." to return to my classroom next year."

- Alisa Bledsoe

  Teacher, Memphis City Schools 

"My favorite part of A.T.O.P's RISE Youth Conference was today when the teen girls had our workshop....she talked about self-esteem and knowing your worth....I couldn't have enjoyed myself anymore at the conference! There's nothing better than bettering my relationship with God before I head off to college....I encourage all women/females to look into doing one of her SKY (Simply Know Yourself) workshops/classes.”

- Alexis Smith

  Student/Member, Anointed Temple of Praise Church


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